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Macaista / Chapado

by Patuá

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Hailing from the southeast Asian jungle, globalization, diaspora, and the unchecked native baboon explosion have all seriously endangered Patuá, so we are afraid that poor Patuá has very few brothers and sisters left in this world.

Lucky for you, as the Vakant freak out bus has transversed the planet so many times now, we have indeed found (gasp) Patuá and present Patuá here for your delight and revelry. All it took to lure Patuá onto the bus was some animal crackers and a 1989 Game Boy. Truly momentous, yes we feel like Noah.
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Once onboard we immediately put Patuá to work and this double A-side is the result. Apparently house is big everywhere. Smooth and warm, A-side ‘Macaista’ reaches out to the remaining Patuá of this world and says, I am here, do not fret.

If Patuá reaches out with ‘Macaista’, AA-side ‘Chapado’ is the reach around. Much like his newfound masters, Patuá is quite cheeky. Thick and spacey ‘Chapado’ is the Patuá mating call to all the remaining tribe members earthbound and beyond.


released July 13, 2009



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